Visitis Industries published the following on their Facebook Page :

Vitis Industries Limited would like to refute claims that they are pulling out as sponsors for the Central Dabari’s as highlighted in today’s Post Courier.

We are strongly committed and we are disappointed with such biased reports and misreporting.

Thus we would like to reassure the People of Central Province and our supporters that we stand strong, firm and proud to be official sponsors of the DABARI’s.

It has been revealed by Couriermail that Segeyaro who was released from the one year contract by Cronulla’s feeder-club Newtown Jets will join Broncos.

He will mostly likely replace injured Brisbane hooker Andrew McCullough. He will not be playing for tonight’s Broncos match against Sea Eagles but is expected to be in Brisbane training next week for Round 10 preparations.

The Board of Central Dabaris (RFL) Inc made the following announcement on their Facebook page.

The Central Dabaris (RFL) Inc will no longer carry the Fortuna Fresh brand following a decision by Vitis Industries Ltd to withdraw their platinum sponsorship.

The decision was sudden and unfortunate, but we continue to wish the company well.

“The onus is now on those of us who remain committed to continue the momentum we started. The welfare of our Dabaris is of highest priority. We urge our leaders to extend financial support to a team that has unified our people right across the country.

“This is the time to get behind a team that the people of Central Province place their collective hopes in.

The Central Dabaris (RFL) Inc board is now in the process of working to secure a platinum sponsor that will benefit our franchise, and the Central Dabaris will in turn serve as worthy ambassadors for their brand.

“I extend the invitation to individuals and corporate organisations to come forward and demonstrate your strong support. The Central Dabaris has quickly garnered popularity since the 2019 Digicel Cup competition started. If you would like to be part of our team and discuss the opportunity for sponsorship, we will be more than happy to hear from you.

“In the meantime, we will keep our eyes on the ball and keep running.”

Mr Keith Iduhu
Chairman – Central Dabaris (RFL) Inc Board

Bryan Kramer is by far the most influential member of Parliament (politician). However, given that he’s not a lawyer by profession, he therefore in my opinion is not qualified to be the Attorney General.

Today I witnessed something that only happens to very few men throughout the course of history. One whole nation waiting for the words that would drop from the lips of the Deputy Prime Minister. It would be safe to say, the nation fell silent.

Mr. Abel, I have never really kept a close eye on how you came up through the ranks of politics, maybe you had one too many euphoric and trying moments. Maybe, this was just one of those moments for you. But this was not a moment of euphoria, nor a normal trial, it was a moment of history. You denied yourself a legacy that you would have imparted to your children, your constituents, and more importantly, the nation at large.

Some will come to your aid, and you yourself would justify, that at this juncture loyalty needed to be the trump card, the ace on the deck. Yet, it fails to avail you of anything. For the many who hoped in you [and your character] or respected you for that matter, in this game, it would have been better if the trump card would have been played from the start. If such had been the case, though people would have called you names and posted memes, your integrity would have stood. Your integrity would have been respected.

I think any explanations for the long delays, the nation waiting, the silence deafening, rising and falling, at this juncture would fall on deaf ears.

If my reading of history serves me right, there are moments in the life of a nation where the people’s hearts become the sole custodian of its history. The heroes of those defining moments remembered, the villains forgotten. The brave and the courageous respected, whether friend or foe. You would have been both remembered and respected.

People like me who did not know even what “Wabo Knight” assumed it was a title of character and integrity. A man with the people at heart [as you yourself heartily posted this morning]. Maybe the Knight will rise up one day, or maybe, it’s moment of history is past.


True indeed stands the words of Albert Einstein:

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death but the many things that die inside a man while he yet lives.”

I make these comments with great respect. Only as student of history.

~ Steward THOKE