The Opposition coalition has annoymously appointed James Marape to be the Candidate for the Alternative Government.

Hon. James Marape, MP
former, Minister for Finance, and LEADER of Government Business and former Minister for Rural Development.

When I humbly sit down on my woodern chair, I only think of him (JM ) as an MP. For Pori Tari, people and a true LEADER For this Country PAPUA New Guinea, 

I am happy and I am very proud of him leading PNC members, including independent like minded MPs, resistance against, the Hon. Peter ONeil, Prime minister of PNG and PNC Party LEADER,

Nguane Igini Aya Homani

Who has diffred policy matters, while being very dictatorial, undermining his own Mps and cabnet Ministers. His world views are different from all his cabinet ministers and MPs who were voted in like him.

Consequently, driven pngs cash flow to the lowest, Budget Deficits to the lowest, Forein Reserves are at it’s very lowest, loans have sky roceted, $20 billion, We have gone very poorer and poorer ,

Major contracts that are enjoyed by our local contractors are taken away and had been awarded to Chinies chronies.

Public servants salaries have gone dry. Education standed has droped and our children are made to overcrowded, in a classroom. Teachers salaries and leave fairs have gone dry. Hospitals are never equipped and drugs run dry each month.

Thank you for your choices to show your colleagues (MPs) and us as citizens to what needs to be changed before this country goes to the dogs.

There is no lack of vision and the ignorance of his leadership as the Prime minister, and the well being of the people was NEVER in his world views. 

My good Prime minister thinks that providing, good roads in port Moresby, by borrowed money is the only responsibility his PNC Government can think of.

As the Hon. Steven Davies had said I QUOTE, “we will have no law makers but more morons”.

Billions of taxpaers money stolen, I refer to Print Media of National, 5/12/16

As a result of Oneils political greed in this country, every place in the village, in png has never changed but remain a village still.

Eg. My village Andira, Para, kapote, laite, parapare, Kulu, Nogoli, layako, Handamanda, pupa, The very host villages of the multy million US Dollars PNG LNG Project including pipe line villages are still villages,

People of this beautiful country have realized that the Prime minister have developed an appetite for abusing, misusing, and stealing billions of public n lng funds every year.

My hearty thank you to you Hon. JM, Governors, of Hela, SHP, Enga, my MP Manase, the Hon. Steven Davis, and others who have realized our cry. Pain and suffering. 

“HOW CAN THE PEOPLE OF PNG EXPECT RIGGHTOUSNESS to prevail when there is hardly The Prime minister, the Hon. Peter ONeil WILLING to give himself the PNC LEADER Ship up on the table for a rightious cause to save our country.

What dose all your bravery matters, if through all your efforts the 111 MPs are awakened and will be stirred to action on the VONC.??????




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